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'90s Heartthrobs Who Would Make Great Internet Boyfriends

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Forget about Noah Centineo and Timothée Chalamet for a second and take a trip down memory lane — back to a time when you used to spend your measly allowance on Tiger Beat magazines to score yet another clipping of your celebrity boyfriend.

To me, that was Leonardo Di Caprio (don't judge me for my ~basic~ choice. The heart wants what it wants!), to others, it was Paul Rudd, or Brad Pitt, or any other floppy haired hottie of the time.

Back then, these boys were called heartthrobs. Today, celebrity crushes are referred to as Internet Boyfriend.

But you have to wonder if these '90s cuties are worthy of Internet Boyfriend status. I should point out the coveted title cannot be passed to just anyone with the power to make you swoon. We hold men to a higher standard now — it's not only about their looks. They're also judged for wokeness and the way they treat their ladies. Just because he has a dimple as deep as the Pacific Ocean, doesn't mean he's worthy.

So let's see if the famous heartthrobs of yesteryear stack up, shall we?