Twitter Parody Account 'Emo Kylo Ren' Will Make You Love 'Star Wars' Even More

Turns out Kylo Ren is even moodier than his grandfather.

Twitter Parody Account 'Emo Kylo Ren' Will Make You Love 'Star Wars' Even More
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As the villain of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is blatantly touchy and tempestuous. One minute he's suffering from his crippling bouts of rage, and in the next moment he is descending into a pit of melancholy. It's clear that he isn't the evil mastermind that his grandfather — fallen Sith Lord Darth Vader — once was, yet Kylo Ren always wears his emotionally troubled heart on his sleeve.

Washington Post reporter and comedy writer Alexandra Petri took advantage of Kylo Ren's moodiness and created the hilarious Twitter parody account “Emo Kylo Ren.” Check out some of the best tweets below.

Like most emo hotties, Kylo Ren is really into Chuck Palahniuk.

He's a total music snob.

And he's got mommy issues.

He thinks Han Solo has questionable taste in fashion. This coming from a guy who wears a creepy mask? Hard pass.

But he's totally cool with his deceased, villainous grandfather.

He's always fighting with his frenemy, General Hux.

Sometimes he hits below the belt. Oh, yeah. Kylo Ren totally went there.

Obviously, he's into Hot Topic.

But most importantly: He knows how to make an exit.

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