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Celebrities Who've Been In Relationships With Non-Celebrities (Or, You Know, 'Normal' People)

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One day you're just a normal person doing your normal person thing, and the next you're happily wedded to a member of the Hollywood elite!

Alas, it's the dream of young girls (and boys) everywhere (and the subject of many a fanfic). And it's the very thing that happened to the folks on this list – many of whom don't even have their own Wikipedia page! We will say, however, a lot of these celeb partners are successful in their own right, they just happened to, you know, not be famous...

When attempting to snag yourself a celebrity boo, two things are crucial. Firstly, it's best if you work in PR . If this is not possible, run in elite circles, or at least have friends who do (so they can set you up, obviously).

And, finally, for the sake of this list, most couples remain happily married (unless otherwise noted). There are also a few couples, however, who are not married but have been dating for a significant enough amount of time to warrant addition.