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Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged Insanely Fast

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Congratulations are in order for Jennifer Lawrence — and the many other couples who got engaged (really) soon after meeting their partners. It's no secret stars are quick to fall in love, and sometimes even quicker to make romantic commitments. C'est la vie!

For example, in early February 2019, People confirmed JLaw was engaged to Cooke Maroney. News of the engagement started making rounds when the couple was spotted sharing a romantic dinner in New York. But what surprised people most was how long it took before they became engaged. The two became an item in June 2018 shortly after meeting through a mutual friend. Maroney popped the question, and they've been inseparable ever since.

Hey, as our lord and savior Beyoncé once said, if you like, put a ring on it!

Lawrence and Maroney are hardly the first Hollywood couple to get engaged... quickly. Let's take a look at some other celeb couples who were eager to walk down the aisle.