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Ranking 'Game Of Thrones' Romances From Worst To Best

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Game of Thrones encompasses many genres, from fantasy to horror to romance. The HBO series may be known as a violent alternative to other movies and TV shows about knights and dragons, but it's much more. It's mostly about relationships, and the romantic ones are some of the most important.

Heading into Season 8, life and death are on more minds than romance, of course. The Night King has invaded and humanity is in peril. Love is a luxury. That said, with the world seemingly ending, people want to spend what days may be their last with the ones they love. It's only natural. 

Join us as we take stock of all the major romances, love affairs, and arranged marriages over the years on Game of Thrones. Some have been the worst, and some have been the best. We tried to get the order right.