The Greatest Gangsters in Film Since 'The Godfather'

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Robert De Niro Writes Lovely Letter of Support for Meryl Streep Following Golden Globes Speech

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Robert De Niro Would Like to Punch Donald Trump in the Face

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10 Things That'll Change the Way You Watch 'Taxi Driver'

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Despite How Cool Getting Rich is, 'Joy' Lacks Substance

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Anne Hathaway Was Rejected for Two Nancy Meyers Movies Before Landing 'The Intern'

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Kimmel, Foxx, Celebs Steal Show Before Mayweather/Pacquiao

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The Cast of 'Goodfellas' Reunites at Tribeca

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WATCH: 'Las Vegas' Is What Would Happen If 'The Hangover' Boys Grew Up

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Bradley Cooper and his boys will conclude their misadventures when The Hangover Part III opens in theaters next weekend. But with the story of a bunch of guys who really know how to screw things up ending, comes another, more mature version. Enter, Las Vegas, an upcoming comedy about old friends (Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas), who head to Sin City for a bachelor party to do all the crazy things you do when you lack responsibilities. Like spring breakers in...Read Full Story

Matteo Garrone Talks 'Reality' and His Imprisoned Leading Actor

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(Oscilloscope | Getty Images)For Matteo Garrone, a career in film means carrying on an important and storied tradition of influential Italian writer/directors. He broke out in 2008 with Gomorrah, a stark depiction of organized crime in Italy that was revered by critics. He's back this year with a follow-up that couldn't be more different: Reality. The film is a "dark fairytale" that investigates our current fascination with celebrity, specifically reality TV, and the machine that makes stars...Read Full Story