'Deadpool 2' Left Without a Director as Tim Miller Exits Due to 'Creative Differences'

Ryan Reynolds and Miller had different ideas as to how the sequel should go down.

'Deadpool 2' Left Without a Director as Tim Miller Exits Due to 'Creative Differences'
Twentieth Century Fox

Don't freak out, but there's minor trouble in paradise.

Deadpool 2, highly anticipated sequel to the beauty that was February's Deadpool, hit a snag on Friday. According to Deadline, the film's director Tim Miller has exited the project after "a series of creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds. Miller directed the first film in the franchise, contributing heavily to the film's quirky vibe.


While Miller hadn't signed any documents committing to his involvement in the movie, the site reports he was working on the script and had every intention of reprising his directing role.

The split was reportedly amicable, as Miller will continue to work with Fox, heading straight to work on Influx, another film by Fox.

Miller made his directorial debut on Deadpool, and according to Deadline, is known as a master of visual effects.


No word quite yet on who will replace Miller, if there will be any replacement at all. It's no secret Reynolds, who recently welcomed his second child with wife Blake Lively, is entirely dedicated to the character of Wade Wilson and the films that depict him.

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